Tuesday, June 30

Trip to the Train Park

Here are some more fun pictures from our recent trip to Arizona. We spent one morning going to a local Scottsdale park called "McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park". They have a little train that you can ride around the park and a carousel that Rhea just called the "horsies". It does not cost anything to go into the park, but you do buy tickets to ride the train and carousel. The tickets were only $1 each or 12 for $10. So we did not have to spend a lot of money and it was fun for all of us.

Carl and I on the Train

Rhea and her Papa on the train

Rhea and her Daddy (Carl)

This was Fathers day weekend so I found it only fitting to get a great picture of the two of them together. She sure looks like her daddy! Not to mention she is very fond of him too!

Rhea enjoying her pink ice cream

Rhea on "The Horsies"

Paul and Adam on the carousel
(pic just a little blurry)

Carlie and Judy on the carousel

Rhea and Carl got to see the inside of the Scottsdale firetruck.

During our trip to the park we had a bit of a tense moment. When Carl, Rhea and I were getting off the carousel for the last time I saw the man in front of me collapse on the concrete and Carl heard the sound of his head hitting the ground. Carl immediately ran over to the guy and his friend and started to get help. The end result was an ambulance and firetruck being called to the park. As we were leaving the park for the morning the firemen were just getting into the truck and wanted to know if Rhea wanted to see the inside. She said "yes" and they also gave her a little red fire hat and sticker so she thought she was pretty cool. I am still not sure if they knew Carl was the one to help the guy or if it was just luck of timing when we walked out but either way Rhea thought it was pretty neat.

The next and final picture of this post is a great picture that I took of all four generations that was at Grandpas house that day. What a priceless picture to me!

I call this one "Generations"
Carl, Paul, Rhea & Ron


Susan said...

I love this last picture....sure do miss you guys

Davis said...

We LOVE the railroad park! It is so fun :) I miss you guys too!

Harkemas4 said...

I love the pictures!! Hey I miss you guys too!!

Amy said...

We miss you all too. We need to find a way to make it a regular thing.

Brian B said...

These are all great pictures. But I think Rhea looks more like you than her daddy!!! :-)

Amy said...

Thanks but unfortunatley most people think she looks like her daddy. ;)

Harkemas4 said...

Hey Wyatt is a clone of Larry. I dont think its fair! The woman foes all the work and then the kid comes out looking like the daddy! Where is the justice in that??

bluecolnago said...