Monday, October 20

Kangaroos, and Rabbits, and Ponies..oh my!!!

Last Tuesday was a special event at a farm in Hudson put on by the folks at Veridian Credit Union. We went for a hayride and saw the cows and horses. Rhea thinks that the cows are pretty cool, she even speaks a little cow from time to time. Rhea was also really excited to see Kirby the Kangaroo there although, here excitement was inversely proportional to the distance between her and Kirby. As long as we were t least ten feet away from Kirby, then Rhea was very happy to see him and wanted to get as close as possible. However, as we began to get closer to Kirby, Rhea wanted less and less to do with him until we were less than one foot away and she was petrified of him. She is amazing when it comes to meeting

Checking out the rabbits

Not quite sure of Kirby the Kangaroo

Definitely likes the ponies though and no we are not buying one of those for the house

One of the many faces of Rhea...

...and another

On Sunday we made a trip to Bettendorf so that Carl could participate in a cyclocross race. There was a large area with playground equipment that Rhea found to be much more exciting than the bicycle races that were all around her. She ended up hanging out with Carl for a while, and then myself, and finally her Uncle Adam took her so that she could spend an insane amount of time playing on the slides and swings. We'll probably have to get something like that for the backyard of the house next summer.

Amy and Rhea hanging out in Bettendorf

"Come on Dad, let's go slide!!!"

Play time

Monday, October 13

Birthday Party Fun

We celebrated Rhea's 2nd birthday on Saturday. We had a get together for cake, ice cream, sidewalk chalk, coloring and presents at our house. What more could a 2 year old ask for? The weather was perfect. Here are a few pictures that we took that day...

Rhea with her daddy and her cake

Opening presents

Rhea's Cool "Cars" Outfit

Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with her to make her 2nd birthday party a very memorable one.

Friday, October 10

Just a touch...

...of the fun we had on Tuesday with Rhea. We took her to Chuck E. Cheese to play some games and ride the rides. Needless to say, she had a pretty good time and getting her to smile was not hard. Niether of us had brought a camera with us so here are a couple of pictures I took with my cellphone.

Rhea was more in tune with watching herself in the mirror than smiling for the camera.

She didn't really want to leave when the ride was over either

Tuesday, October 7

And so it begins

Many Many Many of our friends have blogs along with my husband, so I thought I would join the fun. I plan to use this site to keep everyone up to date on what is going on with the Buchanan family. Stay tuned with more to come...

Happy Birthday Rhea!!!!!! (pictures to come soon)