Monday, January 19

Kitchen floor

Today's post was going to be all about how great Carl did at putting in my new kitchen floor. I only have about five minutes to type because daycare called and Rhea has pink eye. So I am spending every second following her around with Lysol and spaying down everything she touches. I only found this few minutes because I have her just sitting down to eat a snack. I will post pictures of the new floor very soon. Thanks Carl it looks great.

Saturday, January 10

Snow Fun

We seem to have a lot of snow this year so I decided it was time to get Rhea some snow pants. We got a great deal at Goodwill. Then when we got home Rhea, Daddy and myself all went outside to do some sledding.
Rhea did not like the sledding as much as we remembered from last year so we decided to take a walk down to Grandma and Papa's. She was not excited to walk in the snow until Carl showed her to do it like a monster and say "Roar" with each step.
We realized one thing on our walk. Rhea will probably follow in the Buchanan family footsteps and play hockey some day. When ever we were on snow she would walk very slow and take baby steps BUT the minute she was on ice she was off and running. Daddy and I would both ask her to slow down but she kept right on moving.

Here are a few pics from out venture...

Headed out the Door

Rhea's sled is getting a bit small. Her feet were hanging off the end.

Roaring with each step.

Thursday, January 1

Look back at 2008

Carl and Amy went on the Boone dinner train for Fathers Day

Rhea got her first bike from Papa and Grandma

Rhea loves bubbles in her bath

Rhea liked to go to the park and "wing" as much as she could

Carl and Amy went to Galena for their 11th wedding anniversary

Rhea turned 2