Monday, May 11

Trip to Arizona

I made my very first trip ever to Arizona last week and I cannot wait to go back. It was my first plane ride in 20 years and Rhea's first plane ride ever. Rhea did better than me :) The weather was nice at 95 degrees and no humidity. We got to do some fun stuff and visit some family. I was a great visit! Here are some pictures of the fun.

Rhea and I at the Cedar Rapids airport

Here comes our plane

Dora on the plane

Parks with canopy's is such a great idea!

Playing at the park

Rhea and Daddy picking grapefruit (this was Rhea's favorite thing)

The two loves of my life!!!

Cool toy at the Mesa airport

Saturday, May 2

Leaving on a jet plane...

We are taking a long weekend trip to Phoenix, Arizona to see some family and rest a bit. This will be the first time that Rhea has been on an airplane and she seems pretty excited about it. This morning she told us that she wants to drive the plane so I told her that we'll get her on a path to send her to the Air Force Academy when the time comes. I am hoping that she has a blast flying because I love it especially on a clear day like today.

We'll return to Iowa on Tuesday afternoon, hopefully with some cool pictures of the desert.