Sunday, April 5

Easter Egg fun

The family boiled eggs and had some fun last Saturday. Here are some pics...

Rhea told us after each egg "I do it careful. K?"

Another one!

Very proud of her colorful eggs!

Hair Cut

We had a very big day on Saturday March 28th. Rhea got her very first hair cut at Mane Street Hair Co in Waverly. Thank you Stacy for doing it!

Rhea did better than both Carl and I thought she would do. She sat in the chair all by herself like a big girl and sat very still. She was very excited to tell everyone she had her hair cut!


Its not easy getting beautiful

Rhea checking out the new hair cut

Rhea's Park

I had an ad in the Swap Sheet last fall to try to get Rhea a swing set for the back yard. She loves to slide and swing. She can do it for hours. Well I did not get a single call so I tried again this spring and I received two phone calls. This worked out great. There was a couple moving into a house in Cedar Falls and they did not want the swing set that was in the back yard. So after taking a look at it we knew we wanted it.

Rhea now wakes up everyday and from naps and has to look out her window at "Her Park". She calls it "My Park" so much that Carl and I even refer to it as Rhea's park. Probably one of the best purchases I have made yet!!!

The Swing Set

Rhea showing us that she can climb!