Tuesday, August 11

Random Pics

I have not been very good at posting lately and found lots of pictures that I wanted to share here goes. They are not in cronilogical order but fun none the less.

One of Daddy's Races
Grandma helping Rhea play with the scoop

Teater totter with Mommy

I can race Daddy's bike

4th of July
Hanging out with Daddy at the Cedar Falls fireworks

Glowing glasses

Pretending to sleep before the fireworks

Two fisting the the sparklers

I rock!

Sparklers were new this year but Rhea loved them

Grandpa's Funeral
The family outside the Cedar Falls Amvets

Rhea showing us that she will be a pilot someday



Rhea and her Aunt Izzy

Rhea thinks she is Karate Kid

The New Pool
Rhea showing us how she can kick

Big girl putting her face in the water

Wednesday, July 8

Busy vacation

I was on vacation last week because day care is closed and Rhea and I kept very busy. On day one we cleaned a lot and made a watercolor noise maker. Rhea painted with watercolors on paper plates then after they dried and Rhea took her nap we filled paper plates with rice and stapled them together. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday was full of fun. Rhea got to spend some time with Danny while I got to go to the dentist to have a root canal done. I get to go back in two weeks to finish it up :(

Then it was off the hospital where my sister had a c section at 8:54am and gave birth to her fourth child. Rhea thinks he is pretty cool. To add to the fun of the day one of my best friends was also in yesterday at 1:30 to the same hospital to have also c section with her second child. Rhea also thinks she is pretty cool.

Remy John my newest nephew

Wednesday Rhea and I went shopping for a bit then go to the hospital to visit the new babies!!! Kallista my godchild and oldest niece came to stay over night with us. She is 6 and a lot of fun.

Rhea and Kallista with gifts

Thursday was busy with Kallista at our house until after 2 but then we relaxed a bit. Thursday night we had a very sever thunder storm that took out many trees and power lines all over Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Rumor has it that winds hit 100 mph. I was up at 3:30am pacing the floor trying to decide if I should wake up Carl and Rhea. Carl got woke up by the storm and stayed up until is passed then we all went back to sleep.

Friday was a busy day for me. I love to cook and I did a full day of it. I made mini blueberry muffins, garlic beer bread and brownies to take out of town with us this weekend. I also made chicken and rice for lunch and homemade lasagna for supper. Both of these we request by Carl since he was racing both Sat and Sun in Clear Lake. He did a great job and I am very proud of him. If you would like a race report you can find that on Carls blog.

Friday, July 3

Happy Birthday Carl!

Happy Birthday!!

Carl a few years back. Sorry it is blurry!

Tuesday, June 30

Trip to the Train Park

Here are some more fun pictures from our recent trip to Arizona. We spent one morning going to a local Scottsdale park called "McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park". They have a little train that you can ride around the park and a carousel that Rhea just called the "horsies". It does not cost anything to go into the park, but you do buy tickets to ride the train and carousel. The tickets were only $1 each or 12 for $10. So we did not have to spend a lot of money and it was fun for all of us.

Carl and I on the Train

Rhea and her Papa on the train

Rhea and her Daddy (Carl)

This was Fathers day weekend so I found it only fitting to get a great picture of the two of them together. She sure looks like her daddy! Not to mention she is very fond of him too!

Rhea enjoying her pink ice cream

Rhea on "The Horsies"

Paul and Adam on the carousel
(pic just a little blurry)

Carlie and Judy on the carousel

Rhea and Carl got to see the inside of the Scottsdale firetruck.

During our trip to the park we had a bit of a tense moment. When Carl, Rhea and I were getting off the carousel for the last time I saw the man in front of me collapse on the concrete and Carl heard the sound of his head hitting the ground. Carl immediately ran over to the guy and his friend and started to get help. The end result was an ambulance and firetruck being called to the park. As we were leaving the park for the morning the firemen were just getting into the truck and wanted to know if Rhea wanted to see the inside. She said "yes" and they also gave her a little red fire hat and sticker so she thought she was pretty cool. I am still not sure if they knew Carl was the one to help the guy or if it was just luck of timing when we walked out but either way Rhea thought it was pretty neat.

The next and final picture of this post is a great picture that I took of all four generations that was at Grandpas house that day. What a priceless picture to me!

I call this one "Generations"
Carl, Paul, Rhea & Ron

Saturday, June 27

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to a great man... Grandpa Ron. We love you!

Monday, June 22

Back from AZ

We did another quick trip to AZ to visit with family and for Carl to add some artwork to his body! I will have to post a picture of the new tattoo soon because I have not taken one yet and Carl has not posted it to his own blog yet.

As for the trip we flew out of Cedar Rapids on Thursday. It did not rain until we were inside the airport but as soon as we were inside the skies let loose. Funny thing is that it did not rain the entire time we were there but as soon as the plane started to descend to Cedar Rapids on the way home it was raining again. Go figure.

We ate lots of great food this time. The first night found us at a brewery called BJ's in Mesa and I had a pot roast sandwich. It was yummy...

Yummy Food
(Picture for Paul. He likes food pictures)

The next morning took us to a great place called "The Breakfast Club" in Scottsdale. I did not take a picture of the food but Rhea did get to take her chocolate milk with her so we took a picture of her out front of the building.

Rhea with her milk

We also got to spend part of a day at the pool. The pool was in the area of townhouses where Carl's aunt Susi lives. It was a great area and Rhea finally for the one of the first times loved to pool. She was even kicking her feet and trying to swim.

Daddy & Rhea

Rhea sitting on the steps of the pool

Rhea doing like mommy is and catching some sun :)

This is a family pic we took the next day in the same pool area...
(Just a touch over exposed. Must be the bright sun)

That is all for now. I have a lot of other pictures to post but its getting late. Thank you to Susi for letting us crash at her place and the great conversion. Although I did not get to take any pictures (I forgot the camera) of Coila's house it was great too! We miss you all already and hope to see you soon. Maybe you can make a trip to Iowa and we can have some more walking tacos!

More to come soon...

Sunday, June 21

We are back!

We landed back in Iowa today so I will post soon about our trip and show some pictures too!

Happy Fathers Day!

Wednesday, June 17

Family Reunion Weekend

Fathers day weekend has brought a tradition in our family even before little miss Rhea was in our lives. The Buchanan side of the family has had their family reunion on that weekend for many years. We have been to Moab UT, Branson MO, Waterloo IA and this year it is in Flag Staff AZ.

We will not be going to Flag Staff, but we will be going to AZ. We are making a slightly different trip to Mesa where Carl's grandpa Ron lives to spend a long weekend with him and many other family members that live in the area.

Rhea is very excited to go on the airplane. I think she put her shoes on five times tonight and wanted to know if it was time to see Izzy (which is Rhea talk for Susie) and Andrew? When I explained to her that we were not going until after she slept for the night she would start crying big crocodile tears and want to go now. I think she is a little excited!!!!!

This weekend is also very special because it is fathers day. I am fortunate enough to have a great Dad, great Father-in-Law and fantastic Hubby (who is the father of my sweet dear Rhea) in my life. Happy Father's Day to all three of these Dads in my life.

Even though Rhea is not old enough to type she wanted me to also put "Happy Father's Day Daddy. You are the best daddy anyone girl could ask for" to Carl. From the sounds of it I think she likes him!

Have a great weekend and I will post some new pics soon!

Friday, June 12

I have not updated for a long time...

We have had a busy month since we got back from AZ. Rhea had strep again toward the end of May. Almost one month after the first time :(

We got to visit with Carl's cousin Tara from California. It was a great visit and she and her little guy were fun!!! Some great news is that we get to go back to AZ very soon to visit family again! I am planning to make walking tacos one night while we are there for Carl's aunt who has not had them before! Yum Yum! Look forward to some new pictures very soon of our trip.

We also booked a week trip to the beach in Florida this fall. I can hardly wait!

I got the privileged of serving on jury duty this week. The selection process took half a day and then after being chosen as one of the lucky 13 (12 + an alternate) we were dismissed for the day. Carl told me "Congratulations"! "Thanks Honey!" I had to report at 9am the next morning only to find out shortly after 930 that the person decided to settle out of court. I have to admit I was disappointed since I had been picked I was going to make the most of the experience. I am glad I did not have to decide his fate or spend a lot of time in the Court House. I do not have a lot of experience with the law in my life's past, so it was interesting to see the process.

I think that is all for now. I will try to be better at updating.

Monday, May 11

Trip to Arizona

I made my very first trip ever to Arizona last week and I cannot wait to go back. It was my first plane ride in 20 years and Rhea's first plane ride ever. Rhea did better than me :) The weather was nice at 95 degrees and no humidity. We got to do some fun stuff and visit some family. I was a great visit! Here are some pictures of the fun.

Rhea and I at the Cedar Rapids airport

Here comes our plane

Dora on the plane

Parks with canopy's is such a great idea!

Playing at the park

Rhea and Daddy picking grapefruit (this was Rhea's favorite thing)

The two loves of my life!!!

Cool toy at the Mesa airport

Saturday, May 2

Leaving on a jet plane...

We are taking a long weekend trip to Phoenix, Arizona to see some family and rest a bit. This will be the first time that Rhea has been on an airplane and she seems pretty excited about it. This morning she told us that she wants to drive the plane so I told her that we'll get her on a path to send her to the Air Force Academy when the time comes. I am hoping that she has a blast flying because I love it especially on a clear day like today.

We'll return to Iowa on Tuesday afternoon, hopefully with some cool pictures of the desert.

Sunday, April 5

Easter Egg fun

The family boiled eggs and had some fun last Saturday. Here are some pics...

Rhea told us after each egg "I do it careful. K?"

Another one!

Very proud of her colorful eggs!

Hair Cut

We had a very big day on Saturday March 28th. Rhea got her very first hair cut at Mane Street Hair Co in Waverly. Thank you Stacy for doing it!

Rhea did better than both Carl and I thought she would do. She sat in the chair all by herself like a big girl and sat very still. She was very excited to tell everyone she had her hair cut!


Its not easy getting beautiful

Rhea checking out the new hair cut

Rhea's Park

I had an ad in the Swap Sheet last fall to try to get Rhea a swing set for the back yard. She loves to slide and swing. She can do it for hours. Well I did not get a single call so I tried again this spring and I received two phone calls. This worked out great. There was a couple moving into a house in Cedar Falls and they did not want the swing set that was in the back yard. So after taking a look at it we knew we wanted it.

Rhea now wakes up everyday and from naps and has to look out her window at "Her Park". She calls it "My Park" so much that Carl and I even refer to it as Rhea's park. Probably one of the best purchases I have made yet!!!

The Swing Set

Rhea showing us that she can climb!