Friday, June 12

I have not updated for a long time...

We have had a busy month since we got back from AZ. Rhea had strep again toward the end of May. Almost one month after the first time :(

We got to visit with Carl's cousin Tara from California. It was a great visit and she and her little guy were fun!!! Some great news is that we get to go back to AZ very soon to visit family again! I am planning to make walking tacos one night while we are there for Carl's aunt who has not had them before! Yum Yum! Look forward to some new pictures very soon of our trip.

We also booked a week trip to the beach in Florida this fall. I can hardly wait!

I got the privileged of serving on jury duty this week. The selection process took half a day and then after being chosen as one of the lucky 13 (12 + an alternate) we were dismissed for the day. Carl told me "Congratulations"! "Thanks Honey!" I had to report at 9am the next morning only to find out shortly after 930 that the person decided to settle out of court. I have to admit I was disappointed since I had been picked I was going to make the most of the experience. I am glad I did not have to decide his fate or spend a lot of time in the Court House. I do not have a lot of experience with the law in my life's past, so it was interesting to see the process.

I think that is all for now. I will try to be better at updating.


Harkemas4 said...

I am so glad that we got to see you!! Rhea is such a cutie!! Maybe next time I will be able to bring Wyatt with me. I am sure they would have a blast together!!

bluecolnago said...

maybe next time you'll get to put a crook away for life!

Davis said...

Hi Amy it's Coila. I can't wait to see you guys again! Bring Rhea's swimsuit because if you guys have time I wanna take you to the Beach Park :)

Sunshine (Grandma) said...

Welcome to the world of our Judicial system at work....imagine now being a police officer, day off work, have to go to court (in uniform) and find out the guy (gal) copped a times~ (I'm not bitter :o) )

Oh well, what's a girl to do~