Wednesday, June 17

Family Reunion Weekend

Fathers day weekend has brought a tradition in our family even before little miss Rhea was in our lives. The Buchanan side of the family has had their family reunion on that weekend for many years. We have been to Moab UT, Branson MO, Waterloo IA and this year it is in Flag Staff AZ.

We will not be going to Flag Staff, but we will be going to AZ. We are making a slightly different trip to Mesa where Carl's grandpa Ron lives to spend a long weekend with him and many other family members that live in the area.

Rhea is very excited to go on the airplane. I think she put her shoes on five times tonight and wanted to know if it was time to see Izzy (which is Rhea talk for Susie) and Andrew? When I explained to her that we were not going until after she slept for the night she would start crying big crocodile tears and want to go now. I think she is a little excited!!!!!

This weekend is also very special because it is fathers day. I am fortunate enough to have a great Dad, great Father-in-Law and fantastic Hubby (who is the father of my sweet dear Rhea) in my life. Happy Father's Day to all three of these Dads in my life.

Even though Rhea is not old enough to type she wanted me to also put "Happy Father's Day Daddy. You are the best daddy anyone girl could ask for" to Carl. From the sounds of it I think she likes him!

Have a great weekend and I will post some new pics soon!

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Susan said...

Oh my little Rhea....I can't wait to see you all!