Monday, June 22

Back from AZ

We did another quick trip to AZ to visit with family and for Carl to add some artwork to his body! I will have to post a picture of the new tattoo soon because I have not taken one yet and Carl has not posted it to his own blog yet.

As for the trip we flew out of Cedar Rapids on Thursday. It did not rain until we were inside the airport but as soon as we were inside the skies let loose. Funny thing is that it did not rain the entire time we were there but as soon as the plane started to descend to Cedar Rapids on the way home it was raining again. Go figure.

We ate lots of great food this time. The first night found us at a brewery called BJ's in Mesa and I had a pot roast sandwich. It was yummy...

Yummy Food
(Picture for Paul. He likes food pictures)

The next morning took us to a great place called "The Breakfast Club" in Scottsdale. I did not take a picture of the food but Rhea did get to take her chocolate milk with her so we took a picture of her out front of the building.

Rhea with her milk

We also got to spend part of a day at the pool. The pool was in the area of townhouses where Carl's aunt Susi lives. It was a great area and Rhea finally for the one of the first times loved to pool. She was even kicking her feet and trying to swim.

Daddy & Rhea

Rhea sitting on the steps of the pool

Rhea doing like mommy is and catching some sun :)

This is a family pic we took the next day in the same pool area...
(Just a touch over exposed. Must be the bright sun)

That is all for now. I have a lot of other pictures to post but its getting late. Thank you to Susi for letting us crash at her place and the great conversion. Although I did not get to take any pictures (I forgot the camera) of Coila's house it was great too! We miss you all already and hope to see you soon. Maybe you can make a trip to Iowa and we can have some more walking tacos!

More to come soon...


Harkemas4 said...

Looks like you all had a good time! That pool is nich huh?? Love the pictures!!

Susan said...


A wonderful time. Family is a beautiful thing!

bluecolnago said...

yes, paul likes food pictures. thanks for sharing. :)