Tuesday, December 9

Pics of Jennie's Big Day

It was a very busy fun day on Saturday. I started the day at 7:30am going to Waverly to get my hair done and ended the night at 10:45 putting Rhea's PJ's on in the car so that she could fall a sleep on the way home from the reception.

The wedding was at Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Hudson Rd in Cedar Falls and the reception was at the 4H building in Waverly. I think everyone involved had a blast! Here are some pics to show part of the evening.

Family Picture
Amy,Rhea and Carl

Amy as Matron of Honor

Jennie & Chris

Papa & Phoenix

Phoenix in the smallest tux I have ever seen

Mommy's best friend Nicole and Rhea's best friend Anna

Jennie doing the limbo

Amy doing the limbo


bluecolnago said...

that's a lot of pics you posted, moo!

Anonymous said...

how about that limbo? I had 4 inch heels on too!!!!