Sunday, December 21

Not much going these days

Life has been very busy with Rhea's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Jennie's Wedding. Not that it has slowed down any because with all of the things listed above I did not get prepared much for the holidays that will come this week. I have spent the last two weeks baking, shopping and getting holiday cards ready. I just sent my last handful of cards today (Sunday) in the mail. Sorry to anyone who gets them late. I will try to be more on top of things next year. I have only got one last present to get. Then I can check that off my list of "To Do" items.

I did get to go out to dinner last night for an early birthday dinner. My sister, Chris, Stacy, Ryan, Carl and myself all went to a restaurant in Waterloo named Tokyo. Due to the blowing snow two of our good friends Bill and Nicole were unable to make it, but we will catch up with them another time. For most of us it was our first time to Tokyo. It was a lot of fun and I really liked the food. It was pricey but you do get a good show when they cook the meal in front of you. I did not leave hungry. I would go back again but it would not be a weekly place to eat just because of the cost.

We have a busy week with Christmas eve and Christmas day being spent running from one families house to another and then Sunday is my Birthday. Plus the next week is the new year, but we really do not have big plans.

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