Tuesday, August 11

Random Pics

I have not been very good at posting lately and found lots of pictures that I wanted to share here goes. They are not in cronilogical order but fun none the less.

One of Daddy's Races
Grandma helping Rhea play with the scoop

Teater totter with Mommy

I can race Daddy's bike

4th of July
Hanging out with Daddy at the Cedar Falls fireworks

Glowing glasses

Pretending to sleep before the fireworks

Two fisting the the sparklers

I rock!

Sparklers were new this year but Rhea loved them

Grandpa's Funeral
The family outside the Cedar Falls Amvets

Rhea showing us that she will be a pilot someday



Rhea and her Aunt Izzy

Rhea thinks she is Karate Kid

The New Pool
Rhea showing us how she can kick

Big girl putting her face in the water


Harkemas4 said...

She is so cute! I miss you guys. We are just gonna have to move back there so Wyatt and Brayden can play with Rhea!

Susan said...

I think she looks like her Aunt Izzy :o) (Sounds like Paul huh?)

Amy said...

Susan - you do sound like Paul :) but you are much better looking (hee hee)

Tara - We would love that and they would be friends for life!!!

bluecolnago said...

that little rhea is sooooo cute. she looks just like her g'pa paul! :)